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Cases Continuous Business Improvement – year after year

Have been implemented by NFF for an international Engineering company with more than 5000 people distributed at more than 70 sites – primarily in Europe. The productivity gains were accomplished through work with the Executive management team over a period of 15 months.

The company has for decades held the number one position in a highly complex business to business industry through its technological leadership and its ability to customize solutions.  The company lacked tradition and competence in business process mangagement.

  • To develop a strategy for CBI at the corporate level

  • To develop tools, competences and an organizational model for realizing the strategy at all sites.

  • To integrate CBI initiatives in the existing annual business cycle - e.g. require yearly total productivity gains at 5 % as part of the budget procedure.

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Continous Business Improvement
- en motor til vækst gennem fortsatte forretningsforbedringer og stadig organisatorisk udvikling!